Ivan Guaderrama biography, born 1984 in Chihuahua, Mexico, first learned to use an airbrush while attending High School in New Mexico. He further developed his skills as a painter and sculptor while studying under such talents as Henry Paul Ally at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, where he later obtained his degree in plastic arts.

Shortly after, he began using a technique he referred to as

“Live Texture” in which he would combine oil, acrylic paint, marble powder and resins o enhance the material characteristic of his work. One year later Guaderrama opened his first Gallery, Critical de Arte Galeria, in his hometown of Chihuahua.

In 2010 Guaderrama presented a new technique called “Glass Expression”, involving a fusion of resins, colors, and effects on glass. This causes the work to come alive not only within the perception and variety of concepts but within the unique and visually dynamic elements as well.

This was the turning point in the artist´s technique; what Guaderrama has referred to as “electricity”.

Since then the artist has participated in fifteen
individual exhibitions and twelve group exhibitions within Mexico and abroad as well as opening two Galleries in the beautiful San Jose Del Cabo Art district and the breathtaking Laguna Beach, California.

Guaderrama continues to welcome art lovers to his galleries and appreciates every moment he is able to share his passion with others.


My intimacy with art started when I was 12 years old through music. I had studied piano for some time, then went on to drawing, painting, ceramics and some carpentry. As my relationship with God developed so did the growth in my artistic capabilities.

As a person constantly looking for knowledge, I focus on finding new techniques and experimenting with different materials.

My motivation often comes from real life moments or dreams. For me to realize my work, I rarely repeat my creations since each piece of art expresses the instant of my life I am living at that particular moment.

I’m inspired mostly by the challenge of creating something that does not yet exist or is deemed as “can not be done”.

I choose elements for my works from my surroundings, what is available or what I can get when I am traveling.

If I go on a trip and I see a rock or any unusual object, I immediately think

¨What can I do with it? is there anywhere it can fit into my current work?”

This helps me to stay motivated by combining elements that resist monotony in my work.  I believe that I must embrace change in order to avoid repetition.  It can be difficult to discard what no longer matters, is considered un-important or un-interesting without fear of being criticized.

Change is evolution.  It is the only constant in change.

In the Bible Ephesians 1:3 says, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ”. Art is more than painting and sculpting impressive pieces, for me, it is an expression of my hard work.

It’s about expressing my feelings and sharing my God-given creativity for people to enjoy and connect with.

By using simple lifeless paint and materials, God has given me the ability to create emotional pieces that reach each person, soul, and heart.

“Reflections on what the mind creates and the soul feels”

An Artist's Narrow Road

As artists, we are notoriously self-absorbed. Our creativity is centered around ourselves, and in the beginning, I was no different.
I belonged to the world, it’s material mentality, and seek to only glorify myself.

As time passed on, I began to feel a longing for something more. No matter my success, or how many people surrounded me I felt a deep loneliness and emptiness. My art felt uninspired, and I began to understand that something was missing. I began to seek different options, trends that others swore by and while some temporary made me feel better nothing could truly heal my soul and keep me from falling into the ways of the world.

Eventually, a friend of mine began to discuss the word of Christ with me. After the number of methods I tried, I couldn’t see how it would hurt to try this, especially after seeing the vast difference it made in his life. I began to study the Bible, read books, watch videos, whatever I could to understand Jesus Christ and his teachings.
My life began to heal peace by peace, but I wasn’t fully healed yet.

My wife (then girlfriend) and I attended a major Christian conference, which had a powerful worship ceremony. Something in me shifted at that moment. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in a way I will never forget. If you are not a follower of Jesus or a believer, let me take this moment to tell you there is no drug, no human relationship, no material purchase that could ever bring such an overwhelming peace. I opened my heart there and then, and my belief moved from a mental state to an emotional and spiritual state.

Since that day Jesus has overflowed out of my life, into my heart and into my work. My paintings are just another way I worship Him, serve Him and spread his message. He is my creator, and he has blessed me with the power to create, and through that, I celebrate him every day.