Interactive Art Comes Alive


True art is created not only by the painter but by the viewer. The way each individual perceives an art piece transforms that art piece. We all bring our own culture, background, and experience when approaching and interpreting art, therefore the art becomes what we want it to become.

So it’s only appropriate that the viewer should be a part of every art piece, they should be the ones to bring it to life. Which is exactly what Ivan Guaderrama is doing in his newest exhibit “Interactive: Art Comes Alive” taking place in Cabo’s infamous Luxury Avenue on April 15th.

Every art piece in the exhibit holds an interactive element that only comes alive through the participation of the viewer.
Music lovers will find the perfect piece with an interactive piano piece, combining real music and art through the experience of touch. Families and couples will find a new excuse to get close with Guaderramas interactive paintings and bench that brings light and sound with the touch of a hand or the lightest of kisses. Classical literature fans will delight in paintings that not only inspire through sight but read poetry to you by a single finger touch. Colors will change, music will play, and art will be experienced like never before in this new groundbreaking exhibit brought to you exclusively by Ivan Guaderrama.


Whether you are new to Ivan Guaderrama’s art, or have been part of our family for years, you will find a piece that brings a smile and melts your heart.


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