Artist Ivan Guaderrama is no stranger to struggle, nor is he a stranger to the difficulties of making it as an artist. Like his art, Guaderrama chooses to remain positive and optimistic. He believes in investing in the positive over dwelling on the tragedies of life. When asked what could change about the art world, the artist replied that it’s all about perspective.

His newest exhibit, “Interactive,” held in Cabo San Lucas includes a multitude of art pieces all holding their own interactive features. While some paintings change colors and reveal messages through a change in temperature, others use the viewer’s touch and energy to create music. The work instantly stands out as being both entertaining and playful, but there’s a larger message at hand. Interactive art is Guaderrama’s way of saying “it’s not just about me, it’s about all of us.”

“Artists have a way of focusing on the “starving artist” stereotype, but if that’s all you focus on then it’s all you receive. With interactive art I’ve changed the message, it’s not about a moment in my life, it’s as much about the person seeing the painting than it is about me” said Guaderrama.

The Mexican born artist has expanded his interactive portfolio from light-sensitive paintings to his current work, which utilizes micro-robotic technology. Such a process has required a mass overhaul of studying for the artist, combing heavy scientific knowledge with his creative process.

“If we have the technology today to create a robotic arm that functions like a normal one, what will we have in the future? And how does that apply to art? What will we be able to create?” said Guaderrama.

Guaderrama has been surprising and inspiring art fans for years at his gallery in San Jose del Cabo. His many vibrant paintings have done everything from illuminate to play Coldplay songs. But he isn’t stopping there. He is still thinking of new and innovative ways to draw in user interaction into his work.

“I have plans in the future for art pieces that change their color along with the temperature, becoming a different painting from season to season,” he said. “I would also love the opportunity to create an art piece that involves many people in its creation.”


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