“Debbie Arambula And Ivan Guaderrama”

Those who know Ivan Guaderrama and are familiar with his work can instantly list hearts as one of his most signature additions to most of his artwork. Guaderrama believes in the power of love; love for one’s God, family, and spouse. He’s spoken several times on the usage of his hearts and it continues to bring in new audiences and fans.

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Interestingly enough, just on the other side of the border, anyone who knows Debbie Arambula and is familiar with her work also knows of her use of hearts in their artwork. Her paintings promote love and utilize hearts in the warmest of ways.

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The two have simultaneously created similar styles, sweeping hearts and vibrant colors that create a smile in any art lover. While one paints away in Mexico, and the other in California there is still one consistent fact, both paint from the soul and the outcome is something truly pure.

Noticing their similarities, Guaderrama reached out to Arambula and on a recent visit to Cabo Arambula joined Guaderrama in his gallery to create a piece together. For both artists, this was a major event, considering neither had ever collaborated with another artist on a piece before. The two discussed their passion for art and their inspiration. Guaderrama introduces Arambula to one of his signature techniques, which took over a decade to cultivate. Through that technique the two stood side by side in Guaderrama’s San Jose del Cabo Gallery and began to make a blank canvas come to life.

san jose del cabo things to do san jose del cabo things to do Completely void of ego, competition, or occupational dilemma, the two prolific artists bonded and used their talent to create a stunning piece that could only require the passion of both to collide.

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Guaderrama and Arambula have created a bond and a friendship that will stand the test of time, as the two continue to make plans to collaborate in the future. With the compassionate heart of each artist, talks of co-creating a charity piece are in the works. Until then, Arambula has returned to her home in California while Guaderrama continues to create his pieces in San Jose del Cabo, but the two remain in touch.

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