“Art Walk”

In the past decade, San José Del Cabo’s Gallery District has become internationally recognized for its thriving art scene. Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery is one of the 16 official galleries that collectively represent an impressive roster of both local and international artists. This diverse group of galleries and artists display a wide array of works of art and mediums. Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery adds a very distinctive encounter to visitors by offering a unique experience through its spiritual message of love, hope, and faith found in Ivan´s work and through the interactive art people enjoy by touching art pieces that react with musical sounds and by holding up a camera or phone to paintings and see them come alive with his App. In the last couple of years, this sui generis aspect of Ivan´s work has earned the Gallery second place in Trip Advisor´s list of best things to do in San José Del Cabo. Ultimately, our mission of conveying the Gospel message is coming to pass thanks to the many blessings from God our clients and our team is experiencing.



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