Let’s rescue our humans friends!.

Let’s rescue our humans friends!.

There are so many stories throughout time where we have stood by in difficult times and saved our human friend’s lives, that have given us the title of man’s best friend.

Hi, I am Brinky Guaderrama, the author of this post

We do not understand many things that matter to our humans… we do not understand anger and resentment and we only show our fangs when we need to defend our loved ones, we do not understand envy because God filled our hearts with so much love that there is no space for anything else…

Sometimes I think we love our humans more than they love themselves…

I know!, we destroy many things in the house, but I swear in my life that we will never destroy your heart.

No matter how badly you treated me today,  tomorrow  I will forget and give you my love as if it were the first day.

You only need to look at my eyes for three seconds and know from the depths of my soul that I will love you with all my strength until the last bark of my life.

Don’t worry, we are looking for you, we are ready to rescue you, we will find you, and when you see my eyes. will know I will love you forever!

Thanks to Baja Summer Jam

Thanks to Baja Summer Jam for the opportunity to contribute to the effort to protect our dear 4-legged friends who do not have a home.

Damien Zamora and many auction participants made this possible for our local street animal aid associations PET LOS CABOS and DOG.

Ivan Guaderrama donates this great limited edition Art, inspired on me 🙂

Please leave your comment or tell me how have you been saved. Brinky

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