Armando Lomelí - Ivan Guaderrama

Armando Lomelí

Media Manager

“The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and allthe stars were born.” Psalm 33:6

My professional formation

  • I have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design with a focus on Digital Advertising Design.
  • I have worked in several design studios and advertising agencies.
  • I was in charge of the design area, coordination in print and editorial publications, audiovisual creations, social network marketing, etc.

My days out of work

  • I like to take photographs, admire the night sky and its firmament, listen to all kinds of music, look for new techniques in photography and video.
  • Spending time with my wife and son.

A little bit more about me

  • I am a graphic designer, multimedia creator, father, and husband.
  • Follower of Christ.
  • Music, tacos, and coffee lover.

My goals

  • My dream is to create a multimedia studio in which through different audiovisual media we can serve God and share the Gospel.
  • To support ministries in different congregations through what God has given us.

What I love about my job

  • That through creativity and our teamwork the Word of God is shared with every person in need of Christ.
  • Seeing how people are surprised by interactive art and how God touches their lives.

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