Sylvianne Magaña - Ivan Guaderrama

Sylvianne Magaña

Community Manager

“Drink and slowly enjoy the everlasting tea of life.”

My professional formation

· I’m a graphic designer and marketer with 15 years of experience in Mexico, Spain, and the US.

·I’m dynamic, very organized, a good leader, and a strong team member.

My days out of work

· I love the beach and doing water activities with my family like snorkeling, paddleboard, or swimming.

·I enjoy playing the piano and signing since music is my inspiration.

·Reading is another one of my passions, is a way to travel without traveling, and imagining the impossible.

A little bit more about me

· I’m a very spiritual person, I believe more in God rather than religion.

· I daily seek the balance between my soul, the earth, and my heart.

· I love to learn and to teach, I believe we can learn something every day from the people around us.

My goals

· To continue developing my career as a freelancer and as part of a team.

What I love about my job

· Being part of a team where each member contributes in what they do best to give great results it’s an amazing experience.

· One of the things I appreciate the most is the nice and friendly environment the honors values as love, peace, and hope.

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