November 22, we were present at the third edition of "Esperanzarte" where we presented our interactive art

In 2009 artist Ivan Guaderrama set out to prove that creativity is truly brought forth when rules are broken, that art is not simply a visual experience but an interactive one, and that the more engaged the viewer is the more the essence of that art piece is brought out.It began with a series of paintings and sculptures which involved sensors, evolving the art work into a hands on experience.

Memorable moments in our gallery! Lorenzo had planned this for months! He commissioned an interactive art piece to propose to his girlfriend Jill after participating in the Ironman event a couple weeks ago. They came to our studio a day after the Ironman with their family and this is what happened.

God has called us to be the light where there is darkness. Everything we are and we do must be for him. Your gifts, talents, skills are to put them to the service of others. We glow but not with our own light but with the light of God. This painting represents our city being illuminated by those who assume the calling to be light, to share the word of God and live by it.