The Tree of Life Sculpture is a piece that we had been working on for a couple months, it was specially designed for Barrio Queen a Mexican food restaurant in Phoenix, Az. We are so glad we were able to finish it and have it ready for the inauguration of a new location where the piece was going to be displayed.

This piece is very special for many reasons, first of it is the first tree sculpture we have made. Also, because the purpose of this sculpture is not just to display it for people to see and walk by it but it is that the people connect with the sculpture and most importantly with each other

The sculpture itself is just a common object, yes, with many hours of work from different talented people, but it is still just an object. But when people come and interact with it it becomes an instrument of joining pople together in smiles, laughter and joy. It lights up the hearts of the tree and the heart in every person around it.


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