Before being a creative artist, sculpture, and programmer Ivan Guaderrama is a passionate and committed lover of God who seeks to fulfill his greatest call: To be an instrument in God’s hands to proclaim His wonders. Surrendering everything he does together with his brilliant and beautiful wife Imelda and their dynamic and talented team.

Our Mission

We are a team committed to share God’s message of Love, Faith and Hope to the whole world through Art. Our goal is to connect people of all ages with the art pieces awaking their senses.

Our Vision

To be internationally renowned as a gallery that shares the God’s message of Love, Faith and Hope through art, characterized by our passion, innovation and interaction with our clients, always providing the best quality standards.



For us, our faith in God is the heartbeat of our company, the foundation of our mission, the parameter of our vision and the source of our creativity.


God’s love for us has transformed our lives, now we try and wish to reflect it with our colleagues, in our works results and with our visitors.


It fills us with joy to be able to develop our talents, abilities and personalities for the service of God and to share them with others through paintings, sculptures and all that is tangible for the enjoyment of all our visitors.


The beautiful envelope of truth and the prelude to trust, thus it is essential for our company to have integral human talent which is congruent with their words and deeds.


We seek to expand our ideas to offer spectators and clients a unique sensory experience with interactive art pieces creating a truly significant sensory impact. 

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