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Join the Growing Celebration of Creativity at

the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

Every Thursday from 5-9 pm tourists and locals alike crowd  the streets  are filled with the smells of fresh baked French pastries and traditional Mexican dishes, causing a similar a reaction as stepping into ones grandmothers kitchen to find her passionately working on a secret family recipe.

Musicians walk the streets serenading passer by’s for an indescribable upheaval of romance. All of which sets the stage, oh so appropriately, for the star of the district…the art galleries.

Its no surprise that theres an overwhelming amount of viisitors that return to the  San Jose del Cabo Art Walk again and again. The town is a constant celebration of the things that unite us, no matter our country our culture. Through and abundance of art, culture, and food to indulge in, you find that the daily stresses of life suddenly melt away.

The San Jose del Cabo Art District is an overwhelming treat for the senses with visual sights you couldn’t imagine, some of the most flavorful food you’ve ever tasted and the sounds and atmosphere to match.  Its not about escaping life, its about rediscovering what life is truly all about.


Prepare to have all expectations shattered. The art district gets its name
from its entourage of talented painters, sculptors and jewelry makers from all
different walks of life coming together to share their passion in a timelessly
beautiful fashion.


If your first associations with the name Cabo are loud nightclubs
and spring breakers you have clearly never visited the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk. The town has an
abundance of culture hidden around every corner, from their classic
architecture, to their cobblestone streets and the notorious mission church
resting in the center of the towns square.


Zipline, fish, or even spend your hours lazily walking the streets of
downtown, however you choose to do it we encourage you to live life to the
fullest. Whether traveling with loved ones or taking a solo trip, San Jose del
Cabo is the perfect reminder that life is filled with beauty and worth living
every moment to the fullest

The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk is the most

notorious event for art work in the Baja Sur

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