Scripture Art

Scripture Art

Some of these angel paintings are subtle, and abstract in form while others are more contemporary, bold, and larger than life; but there is no doubt that each takes on it?s own character and personality while delivering a strong and impactful message.Ivan Guaderrama?s notorious Angel Collection comes in two forms:[read_more id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]The first interpretation of these iconic guardians are in his angel paintings. In these angel paintings done in vivid acrylic and ink-based colors, each Angel stands in a pose that matches it?s own distinct personality. While some sit looking pensive and deep in thought, others stand tall with outstretched wings and bold tones. The angel paintings contain details to express each Angel?s love of music, life, and the word of God in a modern and contemporary way. The wings on so many of these Angels are done in such perfect detail, it would appear as if they could fly off the canvas at any moment. Our patrons have described these descending beauties as regal, prolific, and captivating. Many of our guests have purchased an Angel painting to remind themselves that they are always being guarded and protected.

The second form of Ivan Guaderramas Angel Collection comes in the form of sculptures. Whether standing gracefully with wings relaxed back or spread wide in an impressive and strong stance these Angels grab attention in any home. The process is a personal one as Ivan Guaderrama adds a variety of colors and finishes including pewter and resin, as well as number of other contemporary styles.Whether purchasing one of Ivan Guaderramas angels as a personal memento or simply a decorative piece, there is guaranteed a perfect Angel for you here in the Ivan Guaderrama Gallery.


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