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Colors of Faith is Here!

Finally, the day of the “Colors of Faith” big launch art collection has arrived! Ivan and the entire team behind this great project are very excited that the time to share it with the world has arrived. Throughout, January 2021 the expectation and excitement of thousands of followers on the surprises that come with this new collection awoke. 

There is no doubt that innovation and creativity stand out as the main feature in this new project, as it comes with a gift that is now available on the official Colors Of Faith webpage. Later in this post, we will give you the detailed steps to follow for access to the gift and the products that come within this great collection.  

Colors of Faith is an innovative project by Ivan Guaderrama as the start point of the year, and that has the objective of awakening the artist that we all carry inside. For people from the whole world, this will be possible since they have the chance to intervene and interact directly with Ivan’s art using colored pencils, markers, paint, or anything else. As a team, we love to see people interacting with the art, living the experience of viewing art coming to life with Ivan Guaderrama’s app.  

Colors of Faith Collection shows four different art designs; each has elements and messages that make them special and unique. The big surprise of this project is that they can be fully personalized, framed, and after that, they come alive with Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery App. Homes from all over the world will have in their walls beautiful messages of Faith, Love & Hope on a frame with unique colors. Colors of Faith is a unique art piece that reminds us about the importance of joy & Love; and that Faith & Hope keeps us always strong through our lives. 

1.- Enter the official Colors of Faith webpage by clicking on the following link: https://bit.ly/2KvUDKb. On this page, you can find all the relevant details about the new art collection. 

Further down the page, you will find a button that says: “CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!”. By clicking on it, you will be able to subscribe as you leave us your info, like name and email, to get the gift on the next page displayed in your browser. 

2.- When you have successfully subscribed, the next page in your browser will have a “Get my free gift” button to open your gift, and a PDF file will open automatically in your browser. So you can open or download it! 

3.- As you open the file, you can print it on any home printer or take it to print at any business with a printing service available.

4.- Once printed, it is time to customize it! In this step, you can use colors, markers, acrylic paint, watercolors, crayons; the limits don’t exist! Have fun choosing colors and combining them to add a touch of color and joy to your artwork!

5.- When it is personalized, frame it as you prefer, so when it’s done, you can hang it in your favorite room and color your spaces with Ivan Guaderrama’s artwork personalized by yourself!

6.- The most exciting part of the experience is when you make your art comes to life! Download the Ivan Guaderrama Art application for IOS and Android systems and try it with your painting; you will be surprised with the magic of your art! 

7.- Using the app, you can record or take photos and share them on your social networks, using #ColorsOfFaith and #IvanGuaderramaArt. Don’t forget to tag Ivan Guaderrama’s page.

Following the previous steps, you will be able to enjoy the whole Colors of Faith experience! Available to you and your family for free and easily! However, as you prefer, the Canvas Gallery Wrap with a white and brown frame will be available for sale on the online store so you can get them ready to be personalized and hang them on your wall!

Below we leave you a short and clear video explaining each step to enjoy all the Colors of Faith designs! Do not forget to share your experience and your works of art on our social networks!

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