Colors of Faith: A Big Surprise is coming!

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Colors of Faith: A Big Surprise is coming!

Through time art has shown us its versatile side; for art is always searching for new paths, new moves, colors, or techniques, continuously exploring a new way to evolve. Art moves the world, influences us, our actions, our way to express ourselves, connecting with our emotions as it allows us to show them as well through its beautiful varieties.

Art has existed since the first existence of human beings on Earth as we can remember that each of us is a God’s masterpiece, and we all get a creative side that he has given us to apply it with endless possibilities. So that’s how we have the ability to connect with art in ways we haven’t discovered or even imagined yet.

We are starting a new decade, so what better way to start it than by celebrating the connection and inspiration that art causes us, the power it has to move our emotions and make us express them to the world.

During the last months, Ivan Guaderrama and his team have been working on an innovative, different project, a surprise that will allow each of us to be part of art, but more importantly, it will allow us to be part of the great message of Faith and Love that we share with the world, a mission that is our deepest essence as a family.

Week by week we will leave you some clues about this great project and everything that comes with it, which you will undoubtedly love and we are sure you will be excited about being part of it. Follow us on our social networks to receive the news that will come out about the dynamics and the Free Gift that you and your whole family can receive. Save the date January 27th and get ready!

Stay tuned for the very first look with our Premiere Teaser on January 20th at 12:15 (GMT-7)

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