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Student Visits

Ivan Guaderrama´s art gallery is frequently visited by students from local schools of all grades including university level. In most cases, they somehow have already heard of our spirit lead message and Ivan´s interactive featured work. Their expectancy and anticipation are readily sensed upon their arrival as they right away begin asking questions and express desire to experience what they have heard. Their expectation is totally met, they are given a complete and in-depth presentation of Ivan´s career, of his mission to convey the message of faith, hope, and love from the Bible, and certainly are basked in the experience of interactive paintings that produce sound when touched and come alive when seen with Ivan Guaderrama´s app. At the end of each presentation Ivan comes out to meet them, to thank them for their visit, conducts a brief Q/A session of their experienced lived and closes with sharing his spirit lead mission and encouraging all students to discover, develop and employ the talents and gifts God has endowed them with to be applied throughout their lives as to achieve integral life success.

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