Los Cabos has been painted with colorful Art!

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Los Cabos has been painted with colorful Art!

Art has always presented to us as a breath of fresh air, allowing us to open our hearts and fill our souls with the energy that emanates from our world as we live every day. Each year and decade, art makes us fall in love with its constant change and give us artists who can innovate the way art expresses itself before our senses. 

The artist Ivan Guaderrama and his innovative creativity came alive one more time with new colorful surprises and messages full of love & faith. The kind of art that fills any heart from any soul who allows itself to admire the colors and elements that Ivan creates and give the world a touch of joy without likewise. 

So, this occasion won’t be the exception: the innovative mind of our favorite artist brings to us a combination of art, interaction, creativity, and love that we have never experienced before with a brand new LOS CABOS FULLY INTERACTIVE WALL ART! 

The new project that we present to you today offers various ways of experiencing art and innovation. In the next lines, we will tell you some of them. The interactive wall art brings us some interactive wings by Ivan Guaderrana that we can enjoy with a photo or a video while we become a colorful angel. That’s not all, because the wall art has a saxophone, a megaphone that makes heart bubbles, some balloons that take us through the air, and a bicycle with a friendly fellow traveler in the basket. 

Each of the wall art elements has been designed to give us a different experience, where we can take priceless photos and videos with our family and friends, sharing our love and joy to the world with the power of social networks. Using the hashtag #IvanGuaderramaArt we can share the experience of living art coming to life! 

The project goes hand in hand with the new gallery of Ivan Guaderrama located within the Puerto ParaΓ­so shopping plaza next to the famous WTF hamburgers, who has donated the space that has made this great mural full of color, love, and faith for the whole world. 

If you have not visited Los Cabos or Puerto ParaΓ­so Mall, this is a big chance to do so and enjoy your trip with memorable memories, giving them a touch of color and love from the art of Ivan Guaderrama. 

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