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Life Luxe Jazz Festival 2021


“Life Luxe Jazz Festival” is a premier luxury cultural experience with jazz as the focal point, bringing together people with common interests in music, culture, and exceptional cuisine to build bridges across the world. borders. This is how Ivan Guederrama, passionate about music, culture, and art, is part of this fantastic project designing the image for the Life Lux Jazz Festival with a spectacular interactive work where he takes faith, hope, and love for inspiration. give shape to this interesting work of art that you can see come to life with the application that you can download from the play store and is available for Android and IOS. For Ivan, Jazz is more than a style of music, it is a way of seeing and facing life, because music… is life, and life… is music.

Jazz can humanize and transcend to transform a society just as it did in the United States, making jazz philosophy of life. Improvisation comes from survival, from suffering and fighting, from the fight that faith grants, from the time when rhythms were generated to have hope. Jazz has to do with improvisation that comes from the soul … Improvisation in jazz means that a song will never be played the same way twice, just as a painting can never be painted the same way twice.

Wisdom is based on balance. Jazz artists innovate with structures and shapes that are predictable and flexible, just like painting is, and apply new technologies to shape a spectacular work that comes to life. “Good music does not seek to make money, but to raise the spiritual level of Humanity, to make the human condition something more worthy.” Wayne shorter



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