Ivan Guaderrama and his art collaborate with FITURCA to promote Los Cabos as a tourism destination worldwide.

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Ivan Guaderrama and his art collaborate with FITURCA to promote Los Cabos as a tourism destination worldwide.

Los Cabos, Mexico, located right at the tip of the paradisiacal peninsula of Baja California, offers endless unique and high-level experiences in tourism. Recognized for its iconic Arch that divides the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean with places of outstanding beauty, its award-winning beaches with exceptional weather all year round, and services ranging from luxury hotels, all-inclusive resorts, haute cuisine restaurants, adventure experiences to cultural centers with music, movies, sports, gastronomy events and of course the beautiful art that is exhibited mainly in its 23400 art district in downtown San José del Cabo.

Los Cabos has positioned itself as one of the most visited and recommended destinations worldwide. And how not to do it? Los Cabos is a paradisiacal place where the sea and the desert fuse. Where you can breathe freedom from the soul and reload your energy with memorable moments with friends, family, or partners, but, it has also attracted foreign investment, with projects that promote the local and national economy, with impressive results in the growth of tourism rates, receiving visitors from Europe, North America, and Oceania with international flights and cruises throughout the year. 

FITURCA (Los Cabos Tourism Trust), through different projects such as www.visitloscabos.travel, has been in charge of promoting the destination to a great extent worldwide, exhibiting its beauty and generating interest in the sports, cultural and artistic experiences it offers. This year was through the FITURCA held in Las Vegas, Nevada, a convention that promotes Los Cabos and all its tourism experiences, with Ivan Guaderrama as a guest who impressed the attendees with a beautiful exhibition of his interactive art.

The exhibition consisted mainly of a large-scale sample of interactive artwork named “Colors of Faith” by Ivan Guaderrama. So, in this art piece, the attendees were the ones who gave color and life to each one of the elements that are part of the art piece to end their experience using the Ivan Guaderrama App with which the artwork comes to life with movement and music in 3D that undoubtedly left an unforgettable memory in those who interacted with it. Below we have left you a video in which you can picture the entire experience lived with Ivan Guaderrama and his art at FITURCA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On the other hand, Ivan Guaderrama’s collaboration with FITURCA has created a fully interactive postcard with one of the most emblematic artworks of the artist, “Los Cabos Whale.” which comes to life with movement, music, and beautiful colors using its mobile application. This postcard has reached with the invaluable efforts that include Ivan Guaderrama’s team and FITURCA to promote the destination and its magic in the world through art. 

You can learn more about this project on the video we left down here. In it, you will find how both formed a collaboration and the commitment of both Ivan Guaderrama and FITURCA to continue promoting the tourist destination in the world in the future.

We invite you to visit Los Cabos and its surroundings and fall in love like us with its paradisiacal beaches and landscapes that Will leave you breathless. You Will experience great adventures such as whale watching, the impressive Arch, trips through the desert dunes, and its hidden oases that Will undoubtedly impress you with their incredible beauty. Don’t miss out on visiting the art district that is full of colors, music, food, and much more every Thursday and where you Will experience the art of Ivan Guaderrama and the warmth of his team as they welcome you to the main Gallery in the heart of the Art District located right in the center of San José del Cabo.

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