The upcoming Metaverse and Crypto-art through NFT’s

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The upcoming Metaverse and Crypto-art through NFT’s

The speed with which our world is advancing in technology is impressive and undeniable, and it is far from stopping. Year after year, technology makes incredible advances where human interaction is one of its central themes.

In the last decade, it has become clear that the next step is life in the virtual world, and with it, the Metaverse has arrived in its closest version to the vision of Neal Stephenson created in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash” where the term exists for the first time.

Mark Zuckerberg has positioned himself as the great leader of this project, with the announcement of his Meta company, and defining the Metaverse at his Connect 2021 conference as an immersive virtual space for the social network, work, gaming, and shopping interaction. For example, Messenger VR, Horizon Workrooms, Horizon Worlds, and virtual goods known as NFTs arriving.

The Metaverse will be available to anyone who has access to an augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) device, such as the Oculus headset; it will even be accessible from computers or mobile phones. All these devices and those developed in the future open up the possibility that anyone can access this virtual world called the Metaverse.

NFT’s and the Metaverse are focused on providing a space for the world’s creatives to produce various forms of crypto-art, from fashion to digital painting or illustration. Ivan Guaderrama ventures into the Metaverse by launching his collection of crypto-NFT art available on one of the principal NFT platforms called Opensea.io, where he offers spectacular digital artworks created in his virtual workshop.

They are visual experiences that go beyond physical reality, virtually brought into the Metaverse, and that you can interact within an immersive reality.

Get ready to be surprised in the coming months and experience the art and innovation of Ivan Guadarrama differently and at the same time discover how the mission of carrying the message of faith, love, and hope will be present in this virtual environment called Metaverse.

You can find more about Ivan Guaderrama’s NFT art collection here or in his Opensea.io profile.

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