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New Painting: “Today I Choose Hope”

He will cover you with his feathers,

He will shelter you with his wings.

His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Psalm 91:4

On every battle that man has fought through history as a family, culture, nation, human, or living being, art becomes a breath of wind that brings us new airs, new perspectives, where we take refuge from darkness, where we recharge our soul with hope and faith. 

Art immortalizes the courage, dedication, sacrifice, and strength of those who have chosen to become heroes, the ones who have defended us against evil from the beginning of the storm and stay firm till the end.  

Those heroes we speak of are the most vivid image of the angels that God sends to our protection, just as he has promised. They cover us with their wings, creating a shield that repels any evil that surrounds us. 

On this occasion, the artist Ivan Guaderrama presents an artwork full of life, color, hope, and love for those heroes who have become the first line of defense with God at their side. They have spread their wings to protect us in the middle of a global level battle.  

The interactive artwork reminds us of the importance of faith and hope in God and His angels, giving us the courage to face the uncertain future that we have on the skyline today. 

Today I choose hope: Just as God always calls us to maintain hope, we have the certainty that He will always be with us by our side and will send His Angels to protect us from the evils that surround us at any time. The painting invites us to choose each day the hope of a new dawn and to keep our light to win in each battle.

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