2020 Art Collection: Clearing new ways of painting techniques.

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2020 Art Collection: Clearing new ways of painting techniques.

As we grow during our existence in the world, art has been allowed to evolve to express in different ways emotions, ideas, thoughts, and situations in the life of the human being to leave a trace in time and space. Thus, as artists, we are always in search of innovation that enriches us in mind and spirit, which brings light to new ideas and guides us to express them with new techniques and new materials. 

This year, the artist Ivan Guaderrama has found new paths, cleared them, and ventured into them to bring to the world a brand new art collection. With the influence of Neo Pop Art, inspiration has come to guide him to the use of new resources, materials, ideas, and techniques. 

The new art collection holds in the high a message of love, faith, and hope, encouraging the whole world to find in them the strength to reflect on our lives and our actions to move forward each step always with the conviction of being better under the eyes of God. 

This collection reaches Ivan Guaderrama’s Art Gallery as a wave of innovation that seeks to refresh the way the message is transmitted and expressed without losing his artistic essence. They are full of color, shapes, and messages that touch your heart and soul to fill it with faith and love. 


As we live our life day by day, we can see who we were yesterday while wondering what we will become tomorrow. We are witnesses of our own changes and growth as human beings throughout our existence. The artwork “Amazing Grace” reminds us to look up and rejoice at all the improvements that God has inspired in our soul when we finally find him and let His love enter our hearts.


With the assurance that the strength of God is revealed before us in sublime ways, “In God, we trust” is the statement of a nation that, united by their faith and love, stand firm to any storm and calm. The proof that we have no reason to fear when we are faithful, as we got God’s shield every time we praise his words.


Sometimes gratefulness comes as a quiet, almost silent whisper, a soft prayer, a song from the heart, and other times can come as a loud explosion. A roaring from the bottom of the soul. A hug, a poem, or a painting.


Has it ever crossed your mind that there could be a different and a better way to fight the battles we face in life? “War Room” reminds us that the best defense we have is prayer because when we let our fights to God, he will fight them for us, and there’s no fight that He could lose. Prayer is capable of moving God’s hand in our favor when our battles are righteous, teaches us that if we fought in this way, day after day, life would take those paths full of love, peace, and hope that we ask for so much.

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