2020 Art Collection: Clearing new ways of painting techniques Pt. 2.

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2020 Art Collection: Clearing new ways of painting techniques Pt. 2.

Some people say the inspiration comes from the universe; some others say it comes from the energy around us, our living moments, or even from our hearts. Although we are sure that it comes from God, in countless ways, beautiful ways, like a sundown landscape, through emotions and people, maybe a phrase from a novel or a movie scene with powerful messages. The world is full of His words, full of color, full of messages that impact our hearts and connect with our creative side, as that’s the way God talks to us from the highs.

So, as we let you know in the last post, the New Art Collection came to Ivan’s heart with some initial pieces, but inspiration didn’t stop there. It keeps coming to him with beautiful and hopeful messages, this time, they are more targeted to the way we love life, and we value all the people around us that make our day by day more special as we share our life paths.

This collection encourages us to love every second of our life even when we have to get through some storms for we can get to love them and be sure that’s the way God shapes our souls and make our heart keep growing up and learning since we become much better as a person each time we get over them.

What makes this collection so unique there is not only in the messages of love or the beautiful colors and innovative techniques that we can observe in each painting but in the fact that there are a limited number of pieces available from each art for the whole world.

Here we’ll show you which are the new artworks that Iván added to his limited edition art collection so you can know about the messages and the stories they tell.


Love is so powerful, in all its forms and qualities, that it is capable of transforming everything it reaches, attracting forgiveness, touching the darkest souls, and injecting light into them. Love is so immense that it can connect us with every living being at such a deep level that it impacts our soul and heart, allows us to open paths, eliminate sadness from our world and fill it with faith and hope. Love is so infinite that it guides us along paths of peace. Step by step, it leads us to happiness and allows us to live in the light of each day, overshadowing any darkness that may threaten us. So eternal is His love for us, we live it every day, and it fills our soul with light, raises our soul to calm, and fills our hearts with peace and hope. That is what inspires this beautiful painting called “Endless Love” with bright colors and beautiful messages of love.


As we grow and the moments we experience shape us to be better persons, we connect with family, friends, colleagues, even strangers who fulfill our soul in one way or another. Each one of them gives us reasons to live and stay on a path of peace and light. It is enough to look around us and see life everywhere, from a little shining flower to our lovely pets or the birds singing and flying above us; all of them are reasons to love life and keep our faith, our hope, and our love for every part of our lives. “Ay Chihuahua,” inspired by the unconditional love we live every day, reminds us to love life and to look at all the reasons we have to be happy as we take every moment like a treasure.


As you believe and trust in God, you accept Him in your heart, for we all got forgiveness through His son’s life who was taken high with Him. God, in His grace, has cleaned all of our sins and made us righteous in His sight. The most glorious proof that God loves us, for, by His amazing grace, we can fill our hearts with faith, hope, and love. “By His Grace” is an art piece that encourages us to remember the valuable gift God has conceded to us as salvation for our mistakes. So as we live day by day and we choose to love Him and believe in His promises, we can be sure that He is with us, and we don’t have to be afraid of darkness.

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