Introducing Ribro “Our life, a masterpiece in process” by Palemón Camú

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Introducing Ribro “Our life, a masterpiece in process” by Palemón Camú

There are different ways to serve

but the same Lord to serve…

God works in all of us in everything we do.

1 Corinthians 12:4-6

In our passage through life, meeting, learning, and loving people. We will see how God work in us to guide our soul. Wonderful ways in which God will allow us to connect with other people of different cultures, nations, or languages, people with different thoughts and paths with a side joining and leading them to the same goal. Just as it happened between the artist Ivan Guaderrama and the architect Palemón Camú, both are artists in their own way, partners in innovation, followers of God, and both of them with a message to share with the world.

As you read Palemón Camú’s biography, you can amaze by his work in architecture, art, literature, and the gospel. As a visionary and founder of several groups and media entrepreneur, he has touched thousands of hearts and has given them a new perspective on the world. He carries a message that certainly can fill any soul with love and faith and a speech that encourages us to look back on our lives and think about what it represents for God.

Palemón and Ivan have created a balance together in which they get united by a joint vision, a great message, that they have the mission to share with the whole world. They have walked day by day with the conviction that God has guided them through life, and both on their own path have devised innovative ways to achieve the goal. Today, their tracks intertwine, and a friendship is born, a brotherhood that has resulted in a partnership to touch more souls and fill more hearts with faith, love, and hope.

“Our life, a masterpiece in process” by Palemón Camú.

Palemón arrives in Mexico to present his innovative RibroTM, a concept based on a fusion between magazine and book that amazes the mind of the reader with each phrase explored and the eyes of the viewer with its beautiful images. An editorial composition that provides a heartfelt message of reflection towards our lives and brings us closer and connects with God to discover that through His love, our life is a masterpiece in the process.

“Our life, a masterpiece in process” is the official name of the new RibroTM, a literary and artistic work that captivates all who gets the chance to contemplate it with an open heart to receive messages full of beauty and with the power to change our perspective of life. It guides us in new ways to perceive ourselves and strengthens the image of the work that God does in our day by day. It is a composition that represents a clear opportunity to transform our souls so we can wake up at each sunrise convinced to be a better person at sundown than we were the day before.

Witness this incredible connection between Ivan and Palemon, watch the following video and walk through their journey in a day full of laughs, music, emotions, and sharing messages of faith that have touched their hearts.


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