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Unity: An interactive project for the children

As an artist passionate about innovation and inspired by faith, hope, and love, Ivan Guaderrama presents us with a project that transcends the love he has for his country and the greatest treasure that every society has; children. However, cancer, heart diseases, and other mental and motor diseases have hit the population of Baja California Sur hard, which has limited resources to cover the necessary treatments to improve the health of children suffering from these conditions. 

Los Cabos Children Foundation was born in 2002, as an international association founded by Tom Walsh, guided by a mission to promote, strengthen and generate advances in programs focused on the continuous improvement of children’s health in the state, with a continual fight to achieve a better quality of life for the children. 

Inspired by the Unity, the innovative creativity of Ivan Guaderrama and Los Cabos Children Foundation come together to create a light of hope with a positive impact on the foundation’s efforts to help children with their health affected by cancer and other diseases. The project will include the innovative interactive art that Ivan has gifted us with for the past few years. 

Called Unity, the project is about an interactive t-shirt that will come alive using the Ivan Guaderrama Art app for Android and IOS. It will provide viewers, donors, and beneficiaries with a handful of magic where art comes to life and surprises us with colorful animations and a story that promotes local and foreign support and donation to the Los Cabos Children Foundation. 

A project that will undoubtedly generate a change in our society filling the children’s heart of Baja California Sur with joy and happiness, giving them hope, love, and faith in their lives and health. 

To learn more about Los Cabos Children Foundation, visit the following link: 
http://bit.ly/3t1oWsL and read more about all their inspiring programs to support children. 

Below we will leave you some samples of the t-shirt promoted in the next weeks to support the Los Cabos Children Foundation and its programs. 


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