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Interviews on Mexican National TV

In the past few weeks, Ivan Guaderrama has been interviewed by MexicoΒ΄s top two TV broadcasting companies, Televisa and TV Azteca. The first one was conducted by locally well-known journalist Armando Figaredo for Televisa. And most recently, the second one, by Ricardo Mahatma Fong Castro from TV Azteca. In both instances, the interviewer focused on Ivan sharing his career Journey, its highlights, turning points and defining moments. The most important fact shared along with these aspects, of course, is his coming to Christ and the profound impact it has had in his life, and more specifically on how it has entirely reshaped his artwork. He passionately expressed to them that Christ and the word of God in the Bible are the primary sources of inspiration and guidance behind his work. Interactive art also took an important part of the interview. Ivan related how this unique idea came to be and how it has contributed to his growth as an artist and of its effectiveness as an outreach tool to spreading the Gospel message to more people and more places. Ivan?s spirit led work is gracefully sounding bells in more and more scenes around the world.

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